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New Guest Researcher Rongbin Huang

New Guest Researcher Rongbin Huang

New Guest Researcher Rongbin Huang

Center for Global Politics welcomes new postdoc guest researcher Rongbin Huang from the School of Economics and Commerce at Guangdong University of Technology.

News from Aug 29, 2016

Until November 2016, Rongbin Huang will be working on his postdoctoral research titled: “Political Economy of China’s outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) in Germany and Europe: on the perspective of economic soft power”. Dr. Huang is working with Guangdong University of Technology in the region of Guangzhou. GDUT is a multi-disciplinary university engaging with the international community. The university has become a key educational and research institution in the Guangdong province in Southern China with a reputation for excellent education.

Dr. Huang holds a Ph.D. in International Economic Relations from Nanjing University. Since 2009 he is an Associate Professor at the School of Economics at GDUT and was also a visiting scholar at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a visiting fellow at the Center of American Study, at Hong Kong University.

His research focuses on the areas of International Political Economy and China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment. Dr. Huang has published numerous papers on China’s economic soft power and emerging economies. His research at the CGP focuses on the motives, drivers and determinants of China’s outward foreign direct investment in Europe; the causes of troubled transaction with China’s TNCs and the policy response to China’s OFDIs. He is also hoping to “participate in some seminars and conference based on the research field” during his time at FU Berlin and the CGP.

Rongbin Huang came to the Center of Global Politics through the framework of the Graduate School of Global Politics’ long-standing partnership with Jinan University in Guangzhou. We are very pleased to have him here and are looking forward to the upcoming months.