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Global Politics Seasonal School Jordan 2016

GPSS Jordan 2016

GPSS Jordan 2016

Global Politics Seasonal School Jordan 2016 successfully started

News from Oct 01, 2016

This year's Fall School in Jordan, jointly organized by German Jordanian University (GJU) and the Center for Global Politics (CGP) at Free University of Berlin (FUB), has successfully started. The first meeting gathered all participants for a Welcome Dinner at Mijana Restaurant in downtown Amman. Prof. Segbers, director of CGP, and Prof. Schumann, Vice President of International Affairs at GJU, as well as Dr. Pleines, Dean of the School for Applied Humanities and Languages, welcomed 23 students from Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Germany, Russia and Slovenia. 
The GPSS Jordan is taking place for the fifth time in Amman. While the school was organized in Damascus in 2008 and 2009, CGP and DAAD decided to move the school to Amman after the situation in Syria became unstable. With the war breaking out, Jordan became number one country for refugees to flee to and find shelter. The political situation hasn't improved ever since and Jordan, the MENA region as well as Europe are facing ever more difficult challenges. So when CGP and GJU were discussing about a possible topic, both soon decided to put migration into focus. Under the heading "A Disaster in the Making - Migration Politics in the MENA Region and Europe" young scholars from both regions will meet for the upcoming eleven days to discuss current hot topics and exchange thoughts, opinions and experiences in this regard.