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Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers gives a lecture on the EU’s crisis: A Diagnosis in 7 Steps

Prof. Segbers at the SAP Data Space in Berlin

Prof. Segbers at the SAP Data Space in Berlin

On Monday, Prof. Klaus Segbers gave a speech titled “The Crisis of the EU: A Diagnosis in 7 Steps” at the SAP Data Space in Berlin.

News from Nov 30, 2016

Populism, Terrorism, economic crisis, refugee crisis, more and more states possibly exiting the union – the European Union is currently facing one of the biggest crises in its history.

With effects way beyond the continent, it is crucial to understand the nature of the different trouble spots. For that matter, Prof. Segbers proposed a strategic 7 step diagnosis, that linked the EU’s challenges such as currency crisis, immigration or security issues to their potential as driving forces for populism.