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PhD workshop in Ukraine refunded

The Center for Global Politics is pleased to announce that it has once again received funding from the DAAD for a PhD workshop in Ukraine.

News from Dec 12, 2016

Due to its success in May this year, the Center for Global Politics decided to reapply for funding for another PhD workshop in Ukraine to be held in 2017. This week, CGP received positive news: DAAD’s (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) selection panel decided that the workshop will be funded by the Federal Foreign Office once again. As in 2016, it will be held in partnership with the Ukrainian Catholic University in the city of Lviv. In addition, CGP is pleased to announce that the University of Warsaw is part of the cooperation as well.

The workshop will be open to PhD students and post-doctoral students from Ukrainian and Polish universities, as well as to post-graduate students from Freie Universität Berlin. Following up on this year’s program, the workshop once again focuses on current trends in teaching IR and global politics. It is designed to bring together scholars from the region to exchange ideas for joint curricular developments.

The workshop itself will be held April 27 – May 3, and will run over the course of 7 days.

For more information on the upcoming workshop in Ukraine, please contact Lydia Tetzner (lydia.tetzner@fu-berlin.de).