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Academic Adventures: GSGP Intensive Seminar for PhD Candidate Students in Berlin

From February 21 to February 24, the Center for Global Politics (CGP) saw all PhD candidate students of the Graduate School of Global Politics returning to Berlin for an intensive seminar in methodology.

News from Feb 27, 2017

For the PhD candidate students of the Graduate School of Global Politics (GSGP), 2017 kicked-off with an exciting week in Berlin. Bringing together PhD candidate students from China and Germany, the GSGP offers its students the opportunity to share their experiences, engage in each other’s work and help each other excel. The GSGP does not only seek to provide an innovative research program but to create an open forum for the exchange of ideas and perspectives. With special highlights such as the intensive seminar, the GSGP offers both throughout support for ambitious research endeavors and the inspiring setting of an international network of academics and professionals

On their first day in Berlin, February 21, the GSGP students started their week with a guided tour of the Berlin State Library. At the Berlin State Library’s East Asia Department, they learned about CrossAsia – a specialized information service offering access to research information on Asian studies. After diving into Berlin’s knowledge and research landscape, the students had the chance to experience one of the most important German political institutions when visiting the German Bundestag on Wednesday. During their visit, they got an insight into the functions and working methods of the Parliament. While taking in the special atmosphere of the Reichstag, home to the Bundestag and located in the heart of Berlin’s government district, they were also learning interesting details about the history as well as the architecture of the building.

Following this glimpse into Berlin life, the GSGP students returned to the CGP's home campus at Freie Universität Berlin for the final days of their intensive seminar. Together with their expert instructor Dr. Dimitri Mitin, they focused on all questions concerning methodology. Dr. Dimitri Mitin teaches research methodology and comparative politics at the School of International and Public Affairs at North Carolina State University. Guiding the students through two sessions of intense discussion, he helped them deepen their understanding of the research methods which are at the base of any body of scientific work.

On the last evening the GSGP team met with the students for the traditional Farewell Dinner. While enjoying Greek delicacies, together we took the time to look back at a week rich with learning opportunities and new experiences. Upon returning to the different locations of their research stays, we hope that the students will draw inspiration from both the academic input as well as the international setting of the GSGP program.