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Sun Yatsen University: Prof. Segbers Invites Chinese Students to Discuss the Future of the EU

Continuing his travels through China, Prof. Segbers gave a talk on the future of the European Union at Sun Yatsen University in Guangzhou.

News from Mar 08, 2017

The EU currently faces multiple challenges that call into question the union of the soon-to-be 27 member states. In light of the UK’s 2016 Brexit vote, lingering concerns surrounding the Eurozone, and the ongoing refugee crisis, the future shape and character of the EU are increasingly being debated.

On March 8, Prof. Segbers took the time to address these issues during his talk at Sun Yatsen University, inviting all interested students and faculty. The event offered a great opportunity to discuss the EU’s next steps and possible future scenarios, illuminating that this is a topic relevant not only to Europeans but also to the wider global community – and that it is more important than ever to facilitate knowledge sharing among different countries. In August, Prof. Segbers will continue this important commitment to the German-Chinese idea exchange when he returns for the upcoming Global Politics Summer School China.