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Sun Yatsen University: Prof. Populism: A Global Tsunami? Prof. Segbers at the University of Hong KongInvites Chinese Students to Discuss the Future of the EU

During his travels through China, Prof. Segbers took the time to visit several of the most prestigious universities in the country. At the University of Hong Kong, he gave a talk on populism as a global phenomenon.

News from Mar 10, 2017

The UK’s 2016 Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as US President represent only two of many political earthquakes caused by new populist actors across the globe. With the upcoming national elections in several founding European Union member states, the rise of populism has the potential to change the global landscape even more fundamentally than it already has.

In a time of fake news, growing political mistrust and discontent, the need to address the future of the international order is becoming more and more pressing. To this end, on March 10 Prof. Segbers invited students and faculty of the University of Hong Kong to join the discussion on the challenges lying ahead.