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Global Minds for Global Change

Political and social changes do not just occur - they require people with courage and commitment.

The Center for Global Politics (CGP), in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, has established a Global Minds Scholarship to support young and dedicated change-makers in different regi­ons of the world.

News from Jul 10, 2017

The Global Minds Scholarship seeks to encourage global change-makers. Each year, the CGP designates a different target country which is supported by the Global Minds Scholarship. Students who receive the scholarship will join the CGP’s innovative blended-learning master’s program in International Relations Online (IRO). The Global Minds Scholarship covers both the tuition and the travel costs to the in-house classes for successful applicants. In this way, scholarship holders will have the opportunity to obtain a degree from a German University of Ex­cellence and to become part of a global network of experts, alumni and students. Applicants should have a strong record of professional and social commit­ment and have shown themselves to be potential change-makers.

Since October 2014, the Global Minds Scholarship has been awarded to seven scholars, all of whom come from countries important for future developments in global politics. The first scholarship was awarded to two students from Myanmar, followed by a second round of scholarships for three students from Sub-Saharan Africa in 2015. The CGP sees Sub-Saharan Africa as a core region for the political and social changes of the futureFrom a European Per­spective, Sub-Saharan Africa is a core area of future global politics perspective and „we were pleased to offer these three students the chance to take part in our IRO program“, said Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers, Program Director of the Center for Global Politics. For this reason, in 2016, the Global Minds Scholarship was extended and awarded to two students from the Sub-Saharan region.

The CGP is very happy to announce that the Global Minds Scholarships will continue in 2017 and support two more students. The successful candidates, however, are yet to be announced.

We are thankful for our inspiring cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, and hope to support many more students in the future with the Global Minds Scholarship!