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Two-Day Intensive Seminar: Theory is Key

The GSGP's 9th run of PhD candidates

The GSGP's 9th run of PhD candidates

Last week, from 13 - 14 July, the Graduate School of Global Politics (GSGP) hosted a two-day intensive seminar for its 9thrun of PhD candidtes. Led by Dr. Siegfried Schieder, the seminar focused on current macro-theoretical debates in International Relations.

News from Jul 18, 2017

On July, the PhD candidates of the GSGP’s 9th run returned to the Center for Global Politics’ (CGP) home campus at Freie Universität Berlin. Over the course of two days, they had the opportunity to visit a number of classes on theoretical approaches to global politics taught by Dr. Siegfried Schieder. Dr. Siegfried Schieder is an expert for International Relations, who has been teaching at the CGP since 2010.

The intensive seminar is one of the specific benefits set out by the GSGP program. The GSGP is designed to enable talented researchers to complete their PhD thesis with a maximum of flexibility. To support our PhD candidates in writing their theses, however, throughout their journey we invite them several times to join us at the CGP. We use these occasions to bring them together with top-experts of different fields, who share their knowledge and expertise in class. In this way, we help them discover different perspectives and new ideas for their own work. 

Looking back at two days full of International Relation’s theory, once again our candidates have come one important step closer to completing their theses. One of the take-aways of the seminar: Theory is key! 

For us at the GSGP, it was a great pleasure to see our students returning to campus and provide them with helpful input. We thank Dr. Schieder for his expert guidance and hope that our next seminars will turn out to be just as successful! 

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