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Prof. Segbers as Expert for Deutschlandfunk

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Prof. Segbers is an expert for Eastern Europe, Foreign Policy Analysis and International Relations

Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers, Director of the Center for Global Politics, was interviewed as expert by German radio station Deutschlandfunk.

News from Aug 11, 2017

In an interview with German media group Funke, the leader of the German Free Democrats (FDP) Christian Lindner claimed that Germany may have to accept Russia's 2014 annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine as a "permanent provisional arrangement.“ His stance caused an uproar as Germany has condemned Russia's annexation of Crimea and is leading Europe in maintaining economic sanctions against Moscow. Lindner, however, defended his position with Bild am Sonntag: „I verbalized what many others are thinking.“

When asked to comment on German liberal chief Christian Lindner and his foreign policy, Prof. Segbers outlined how the European Union and Germany would loose their international credibility if they were to lift sanctions without holding Russia to the commitments it took upon itself in the framework of the Minsk agreements. To make such concessions could also send a signal to other state actors, such as China or Iran. 

Klaus Segbers holds the Chair of Political Science at the Institute for East European Studies and is professor for International Relations at the Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Science (OSI) at FU Berlin. His academic expertise focuses on Foreign Policy Analysis and International Relations. 

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