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The 2017 GSGP Graduates: Wang Congyue

We congratulate Wang Congyue!

We congratulate Wang Congyue!

In this portrait series, we introduce our the 2017 graduates of our Graduate School of Global Politics. First, we congratulate Wang Congyue on successfully completing our 3-year PhD Program.

News from Aug 16, 2017

The Graduate School of Global Politics (GSGP) gives outstanding PhD candidates the opportunity to complete a 3-year PhD program at Freie Universität Berlin and one of its renowned Chinese partner universities. Behind the program’s regional focus on East Asia and Europe stands a pioneer concept: the GSGP is the first bi-national German-Chinese PhD program in social sciences. Each PhD candidate benefits from the international academic experience of studying at two universities. By taking their research from one continent to another, they learn to pay special attention to different political, cultural and economic factors. The program is designed to provide both in-depth knowledge of theories and methodology in International Relations and an understanding for what it means to approach a research-oriented career from a global perspective. 

Over the journey of three years, all our candidates embark on their very own journey. Along the way, we are proud to become more than just their supervisors, coordinators and teachers — the GSGP network is a global community where each person brings their best to the table to create a culture of shared success. When our graduates complete their degree, we like to take a look back at their achievements and what is up next for them. 

Wang Congyue graduated from the GSGP in 2017 after studying at Renmin University in Beijing and Freie Universität Berlin. She is one of our GSGP ‚sandwich‘ graduates. The GSGP ‚sandwich‘ model is open to students from our four Chinese partner universities: Fudan University, Jinan University, Renmin University and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. They study two years in China and one year at FU Berlin. 

With her dissertation exploring the US and EU’s North African security policy since the so-called Arab Spring, she now works for the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as an expert on transatlantic relations, the US-German partnership as well as contemporary American society and culture. 

I truly appreciate my time at GSGP and Renmin University. Without both these institutions I would never have understood the beauty of IR studies,“ she says about her PhD endeavor. „I also would like to express sincere gratitude to my supervisor Prof. Klaus Segbers and thank him for his patience and kindness when helping me with my dissertation. Above all, I will keep ‚Veritas - Iustitia - Libertas‘ in mind and always recall that most splendid and memorable year at Freie Universität Berlin.“

We are excited to find out what the future holds for Wang Congyue. We wish her all the best and thank her for her dedication to the GSGP program!

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