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Global Politics in a Global Classroom: Gamze Sari´s internship at the FUBiS Summer University

FUBiS summer university intern Gamze Sari

FUBiS summer university intern Gamze Sari

Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS) is an intensive academic program which offers international students a first insight into German culture and language. From 22 July – 19 August, Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers, Director of the Center for Global Politics (CGP), was teaching on “Global Politics: How to cope with a World in Disarray?”

News from Aug 30, 2017

The previous article unveiled the curtain of this year’s FUBiS Summer University and introduced the class addressing the new global environment by Prof. Segbers, for which students of different disciplines from all corners of the world flew to Berlin to partake in. This time we take a look behind the scenes and into the ever so unique makings of the class, namely we present Gamze, who did her internship at the Center for Global Politics.

After finishing her Bachelors in Political Science and Public Administration, Gamze continues her education and is currently enrolled in the Master program of International Relations at the Middle East Technical University in her homeland Turkey. Alongside her studies, she interned mainly at Turkish administrative institutions and banks, but her semester abroad on the Erasmus+ program at the Johannes Gutenberg Mainz University struck a rather different chord- the one of academia and research.

Impressed with the well-organized German educational system, interactive way of teaching of the professors, as well as with the challenging, yet enriching courses, Gamze was determined to come back to Germany with the set goal to bridge her wish to gain work experiences and newly sparked interest of the academia world and German culture. The search for such an opportunity was not long, because she quickly discovered that the Free University of Berlin offers internships at different faculties and send her application to the Center for Global Politics.

 Eager to gain new experiences, improve her language skills and broaden her understanding of the dynamic globalized world that we live in, Gamze started her 8-week long work placement. Between July and August 2017, she was the contact person for the international participants at this year´s FUBiS and took responsibility in organizing and coordinating activities at the Institute. Reflecting on the impact that CGP had on her, Gamze cherishes the knowledge that she gained through Prof. Segbers´ class. Furthermore, she was able to deepen her research skills, report writing, analytical thinking and intercultural competences. She says that the atmosphere at the CGP is more than friendly, because the team is like one united family that helps you at any moment, encourages you to contribute as much as you want, and is always open to any suggestions and ideas you have. “This instantly made me feel comfortable and definitely made me feel as though I was part of this family. Moreover, before coming to Berlin, I could not speak German. However, working here gave me the right amount of motivation to learn and then practice my German. “

Gamze´s journey and newfound love for academic research takes her to the Innsbruck University in Austria for another Erasmus semester abroad, but her plans surely entail a comeback to Berlin, because after finishing her Master next year she wants to write her PhD thesis, maybe even at the Graduate School of Global Politics.

 “I am very appreciative of this experience and forever grateful to firstly Professor Klaus Segbers and the rest of the CGP family for giving me the opportunity to work as an intern and for their kindness too. I feel extremely fortunate that I had the opportunity to work for the Center for Global Politics in Berlin in the summertime, especially for the FUBiS program. I have had so many rich experiences and opportunities that I personally believe will forever shape and influence my professional life, while fostering personal growth and development. I’d recommend it to any student who is curious about global political events and what to understand them better.”

We are excited to find out what the future holds for Gamze Sari.

We wish her all the best and thank her for her dedication to the FUBiS program!

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