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Global Matters Blog Welcomes Eight New Junior Experts

One of the initial goals of the Global Matters Blog is to provide a platform, where experts, alumni, students and readers of the blog come together to share their opinions on current and in some cases still developing political topics. 

News from Nov 04, 2017

 A mark feature of our platform is the opportunity for all participants to partake in the current political debated, instead of simply clicking a ´like´ or ´dislike´ button. In doing so, the Global Matter Blog is distancing itself from the ever so popular “like/dislike culture” and is encouraging the reader to debate the very complex problems of our time. With the year slowly coming to its end, we take a look at the topics that we have discussed, amongst which are the quest of finding the golden mean between security and freedom when it comes to terrorism, the discussion on the multiple terror attacks, and the Trump administration. Furthermore, we debated the now nuclear capable North Korea, as well as the possible ways out of the Rohingya crises in Myanmar. Of particular interest to our readers and experts were the topics delving with the future of the stateless as start – ups such as Catalonia in Spain; and the German federal elections of 2017, after which the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) entered the Bundestag. Some of the aforementioned Global Matters blogs are political issues that are still developing and for which we are continuously receiving input from our readers.  

Within the last few months, we have been expanding the group of ´Junior Experts´ who are not yet faculty, but most of them are currently obtaining their PhDs, or are excellent graduates’ students in their fields of focus. We are delighted to expand the Global Matters team and welcome the eight new Junior Experts!

We are excited to read their insightful contributions and invite you to also engage in the ongoing conversations here.  


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