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The Latest Global Matters Blog on the Challenges for the Upcoming New Year Sparks a Lively Discussion

In the last blog post for this year, the Programme Director of the Center for Global Politics Prof. Klaus Segbers poses the question “What are the three most relevant, potentially destabilizing challenges the world is facing in 2018?” and invites experts, juniors and readers to discuss the opportunities and developments of utmost importance in global politics for the next year.

News from Dec 21, 2017

Given the undoubtedly tumultuous 2017 and that many foresee a similar tendency in the new year, the question by Prof. Segbers seems to have sparked a very lively discussion and a robust series of responses from experts, junior experts and readers. A wide range of opinions were expressed; majority of which were focused on adopting a new rhetoric when analyzing conflict and violence in the world, and simultaneously returning to a more constructive cooperative agenda between the great powers. The cradle for political tension in Europe according to most of our contributors will be the Brexit negotiations and the rise of far-right movements, while they expect a further deepening of Europe´s East-West divide.

Other experts are concerned with the upcoming elections in Russia in March, and suppose that Putin might piggyback off a successful World Cup and resort again to more assertive foreign policy to secure his position. Unsurprisingly, the opinion that the Middle East will save its status of the hottest region due to the Yemen civil war, the Syrian War and the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel by the US, is shared by many experts.

Overall, managing new information technologies, big data, fake news, and surveillance is seen as a remaining and maybe even growing challenge for the world in 2018. Opportunities in global politics from arguably more positive nature are the voluntary resignation of Mr. Trump, increasing the humanitarian aid for refugees on the ground and emergence of the newly active, networked, and politically engaged younger generation challenging the power of the corrupt elites in different regions. As one of the contributors to the blog, Mr. Paleckis, said “There is life, there is hope.”

What are the most destabilizing challenges of the next year in your opinion? Share it with us in the comment section of the Global Matters blog or here.

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