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Guest Researcher Mariya Puriy, PhD from Ukraine at the Center for Global Politics

Mariya Puriy, PhD

Mariya Puriy, PhD

In December 2017 the Center for Global Politics welcomed a guest researcher from Ukraine: Mariya Puriy, PhD.

News from Jan 12, 2018

Her stay was connected with the annual workshop for Global Politics in Lviv, where she participated in May 2017. The aim of the workshop is to create intellectual exchange and discussion between young researcher mainly from Ukraine and Germany but also from other neighboring countries like Poland, Georgia, Estonia, Russia and even more distant countries as Mongolia and Myanmar. The Workshop has been a great success in the previous years and it seems therefore consequent to further strengthen the cooperation and support the discussion about teaching and studying International Relations by visits at the respective partner universities. Mrs. Puriy was also the first scholar to visit the Institute of Eastern European Studies within the framework of this program, but more scholarships have already been granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), who is funding the project, for 2018. During her stay Mrs. Puriy had the chance to observe closely the way the Institute functions, as well as acquire better knowledge as to what projects the Institute and the Center are currently focusing on and conducting. Particular accent was made on the field of international academic exchange and cooperation. She also gave a lecture on the contemporary struggle for hegemony, using the case of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

When asked about her own perspective on her research stay in Berlin, Mrs. Puriy says: "The stay at the Center for Global Politics was definitely a fruitful and rewarding experience, that has provided me with an important insight on how the research and studies function in a different country, at the same time offering ways of tackling problematic issues, as well as improving the not-so-problematic ones, at my home country".

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