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Latest Global Matters Blog on Current Nuclear Strategies- National Insecurity or Arms Race

Global Matters is a project of the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin and aims to present ideas on current global issues in the ever so complex world. Every other week Prof. Segbers reflects on an ongoing problem and poses a question to experts and readers.

News from Feb 14, 2018

The latest Global Matters blog delves into the current status of defense capabilities and insecurities, the counteraction in the form of development of new weapons and warheads, and what it actually bodes for the future.

The question of this week´s blog is: Are we seeing here a ‘normal’ additional round of a competitive arms race, or does this indicate a new quality of insecurity on a broader scale? Do new weapons and warheads narrow the classical distinction between conventional and nuclear weapons? Is the danger of accidental launch growing? Has the Doomsday Clock’s hand rightly moved closer to midnight?

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