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Prof. Segbers for Tsinghua University, Beijing

During his travels through China, Prof. Segbers, director of the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin, took the time to visit several of the most prestigious universities in the country. At the Tsinghua University in Beijing, he gave a talk on the topic “Europe in Transition: A Pillar of the liberal World Order or Object of Populist Seduction?”


News from Mar 08, 2018

About 30 students and faculty members of the “School of Public Policy and Management” at the Tsinghua University attended the talk by Prof. Klaus Segbers on Thursday, March 8. Due to the vast interest and many questions from the attenders, the event had to be extended for more than half an hour. Most of the questions concerned current trends in the EU, the immigration crisis, and populism. The lecture was followed by a bilateral meeting and dinner with Prof. Xue Lan, the Dean of the School of Public Policy and Management.

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