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Latest Global Matters Blog on the Effects of Mega Events on International Politics

Global Matters is a project of the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin and aims to present ideas on current global issues in the ever so complex world. Every other week Prof. Segbers reflects on an ongoing problem and poses a question to experts and readers.

News from Mar 08, 2018

The latest Winter Olympic Games are now behind us and the next mega sport event is just around the corner, when in April the annual Formula One will launch, but still there is the ongoing debate on the pros and cons of such events: are the assumed advantages for the hosting countries (global attention, tourism, media as amplifiers, potential reconciliation between conflict partners) predominant, or is it the possible negative consequences (after-event empty sports venues, no lasting gains in employment, huge costs, sometimes corruption and negative environmental impact)?

Furthermore, this week´s Global Matters Blog acknowledges the new trend in the Olympic discourse, namely the public referendum, and raises the question what are the effects of big sport events on international politics?

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