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Prof. Segbers Talks at Two of China´s Most Renown Universities

Prof. Segbers at the Sun Yat-Sen Universiy, 15. March 2018

Prof. Segbers at the Sun Yat-Sen Universiy, 15. March 2018

As usual, Prof Segbers takes time to meet with Alumni whenever he travels through Asia, and this time around is no exception. During his meeting with Xi Shin and Xiaoping, Kang in Beijing, different political developments and current Chinese politics were discussed. This gathering was followed up by another Alumni meeting in Guangzhou, organized by Guan Jian. Also in Guangzhou on March, 15 Prof. Klaus Segbers gave lectures at two of China´s most renown Universities – the Jinan University and the Sun Yat-Sen Universiy on the question “Europe in Transition: A Pillar of the liberal World Order or Object of Populist Seduction?”.

News from Mar 17, 2018

The European Union (EU) is both - a success story, and an organization that has to learn how to navigate itself in a world that is fundamentally changing with rapid pace. Powerful states like China, Russia, and the U.S. are moving away from a rule-based international order, while at the same time populism ´seduces´ more countries around the globe. Furthermore, trans-border flows are threatening the regulatory capabilities of nation states and the EU, as an organization based on rules, should be better prepared for such challenges. So, would the EU give in to the populism wave, or persist and transition to a pillar of the Liberal World Order? On this and many more question Prof. Segbers build his lecture, which was attended by approximately 50 students and faculty members in each of the hosting universities.

The talk at the Jinan University generated a good and frank debate, where many questions came from exchanged students from the African continent. The event was followed by one-on-one meeting with the dean of the Universite, Prof. Thang Zhiang, discussing the future perspectives for cooperation with the Center for Global Politics.

The talk at the the Sun Yat-Sen Universiy also concluded with a lively Q&A-session, which was mostly focused on developments in Europa, Germany´s new government and election system. Another discussion point was China and the recent plans to cut access to VPN clients.

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