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Latest Global Matters Blog asks “Are we on the Brink of a Trade War?”

Global Matters is a project of the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin and aims to present ideas on current global issues in the ever so complex world. Every other week Prof. Segbers reflects on an ongoing problem and poses a question to experts and readers.

News from Mar 26, 2018

After Trump´s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium not only did global markets plunge after China retaliated against the protectionist measure, but it also raises the question whether we are on the brink of a trade war?

This week´s Global Matters Question asks what is the outlook, will and should China and the EU react in kind to the introduction of new customs fees for steel and aluminium? Is it plausible that trade deficits are an issue of “national security”, as the U.S. president claims? Should concerned countries accept trade imbalances and customs fees, or should they risk further escalation by implementing further tariffs in response?

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