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3rd SEA Workshop and a Panel Discussion “Shaping Regional Integration in SEA” in KAS, Myanmar

3rd SEA Workshop

3rd SEA Workshop

The main aim of the SEA Workshop project is to facilitate political science and international relations education development in Southeast Asia through cooperation between the regional partners through a series of four workshops, which aim at developing political science and international relations curricula that meet international standards. The workshop that took place in Yangon on April, 1st and 2nd was the third one that is carried out as a part of the project. The workshops may also lay groundwork for a possible cooperation between the regional partner universities in the aftermath.

News from Apr 03, 2018

Cooperation partners of the 3rd SEA Workshop are the Center for Global Politics of the Freie Universität Berlin and the Department for International Relations, University of Yangon, with the adjunct partners: Department of Media and Communications & Department of International Studies of the Royal University of Phnom Penh, and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities/ Vietnam National University-Hanoi. The event was held in cooperation with the Myanmar office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, at the University of Yangon. Parts of the program included impressions from the first two SEA Workshops, overview of the administrative opportunities and constrains and current content-related convergence and differences. In the morning participants spent working on composing and realization of a possible IR Curriculum, whilst later on prospects of implementation at the partner universities were debated at length. Before the lunch time all wishes, suggestions and requests regarding a possible 4th and last SEA Workshop were discussed.

In a joint effort the CGP (Freie University Berlin) together with the KAS Myanmar offered a panel discussion on the topic of “Shaping Regional Integration in Southeast Asia”, which was open to the public. After Dr. Norbert Eschborn´s warm welcome, Prof. Klaus Segbers gave a key note lecture with the guiding theme “The European Union: Achievements and Challenges – What does it mean for ASEAN?”, which was followed by a Q&A segment.

The last panel, before the closing words by Prof. Segbers and Dr. Chaw Chaw Sein, was on the topic of “Governance in SEA countries: Domestic Factors Shaping External Behavior” and six experts from Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Germany gave their input and answered the numerous questions of the engaged audience.

CGP would like to thank KAS Myanmar office, our academic partners and participants for helping make the events possible.

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