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Module start for the Juniors of International Relations Online 12

IRO 12 Berlin

IRO 12 Berlin

Today the online modules for the 12th run International Relations Online students start. Our seniors are right now in the writing and research process of their master thesis, so no modules for them.

News from Apr 16, 2018

The modules look into a number of highly relevant policy fields in today’s global politics. The processes of urbanization, questions posed by heightened migration flows around the world, and issues connected to conflicts in energy and trade will be analyzed.

Again we offer an extensive scope of relevant and global topics:

Global Flows: Migration taught by Dr. Barbara Dietz

This module focuses on the social, political, and economic causes and consequences of migration processes. It introduces the students to theoretical approaches explaining the dynamics of migration movements and the motivation of people to move (or not to move).

Global Flows: Energy taught by Dr. Dimitri Mitin

Energy constitutes a major lifeline in all societies and one of the most crucial sources of maintaining and developing global life. This module focuses on energy policy and energy security stressing the different perceptions on energy security in importing and exporting nations.

Policy Issues: Global Cities taught by Dr. Noah Toly

One of the major challenges to statehood 'from below' is posed by the rise of global cities. This module engages the students in a deeper analysis of cities and their role in global affairs. Theoretical concepts will be discussed in the context of terms such as globalization, localization, glocalization, and the global city.

Policy Issues: Coping with Global Risks and Uncertainties taught by Dr. Stefan Engert

This module provides the students with a background on the development of security and risk, analyzing the often contested terminologies and policies that are used within this area. War, defense mechanisms, and peace-keeping efforts are among the subjects that are broached within this module.

Changing Global Landscapes: Globalization Challenges taught by Dr. Tommaso Durante

Some of the major developments in global politics today are being discussed under the umbrella term 'globalization.' This module provides the students with an introduction to the major transformations occurring in global economics, politics, culture, and ecology.

Overview: Studying Areas taught by Evert van der Zweerde

The module ‘Studying Area’ focuses on the academic field of area studies. The students will immerse in the various academic debates and political functions that have guided the development of the field in recent years. This module provides the students with a broad basis from which to proceed into researching distinct regions of the world

We wish all students best of luck and a successful completion of their modules!

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