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Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung enables three guest researchers to come to visit the FU Berlin

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, KAS, agreed to finance the stay of three guest researchers of our South-East Asia Project (SEA) within the next year. Two of them will visit the FU Berlin and the Center for Global Politics this year for up to two months.

News from May 14, 2018

Political Science and International Relations education in SEA is still relatively new in the region. Lecturers and professors from the area often express the need of the region to improve its curricula as well as to enlarge the relatively small pool of educators in the field. While a few years ago Western partners were the first addresses for cooperation, recently academic cooperation between SEA universities in the field of Political Science and International Relations has been put on the agenda.

The SEA project has three main objectives:

1. To develop political science and international relations curricula meeting international standards for the Southeast Asian partners, especially Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, through curriculum development workshops;

2. To train young faculty of the Southeast Asian partners in the scientific and teaching methods of Political Science and International Relations education through a shadowing program;

3. To enhance the knowledge of the Southeast Asian partners’ students in Political Science and International Relations through sending German retired faculty to teach in the partner institutions.

With offering three scholarships, the KAS faciliates academic cooperation and curricula development between Germany and the SEA region.

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