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DIU Certificate - Application phase starts now till end of August

Online Certificate

Online Certificate

In cooperation with the Dresden International University the Center for Global Politics offers an excellent online master-level qualification with the topic of “Promises and Disruptions of Global Flows”.

News from Aug 02, 2018

About our cooperation: Students don’t have to complete a full degree, but gain extra qualification to enhance their knowledge and expertise with this unique online certificate. Our cooperation offers an innovative, web-based learning environment and supervision by dedicated scholars from around the world.

The module “Promises and Disruptions of Global Flows” integrates the issue of global flows of capital, trade and services, information and people, which are dramatically altering the nature of politics and the opportunities for nation states to deal with or influence events. The traditional nation state approach is no longer sufficient for explaining the developments in today’s globalized world. Therefore, innovative approaches are necessary. The Certificate provides the students with the tools students need to navigate the complexities of these dynamic developments. It introduces to the concept of global flows and global governance.

The program will take 9-12 months and include 4 cutting-edge modules. Completing this state-of-the-art online certificate will improve your understanding of global flows and politics.

Further information can be found here.

For applying please provide your CV and first university certificate to info@global-politics.org.

Online applications are welcome through August 31, 2018.


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