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The Center for Global Politics offers different  graduate study programs:

East European Studies (EES)
The demand for East European experts with multi-disciplinary training has increased dramatically with the economic and political opening of Eastern Europe.

EES is an accredited two-year distance learning master’s program that prepares students for challenging Eastern Europe related assignments in business, administration, (non-)governmental organizations, and for further research.

EES has been named one of Germany’s Top Ten International Master’s Degree Courses by the Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


International Relations Online (IRO)
IRO is a two-year distance learning master’s program (of excellence) that brings young, dedicated professionals together in their efforts to attain higher positions with governmental agencies, internationally operating private enterprises, NGOs, and international organizations.

In this program, students will gain in-depth knowledge of the theories and prevailing issues of international relations as well as acquire practical skills for meeting the professional challenges of a globalized world.


German Studies Russia
Students who aim for a career in international institutions or transnational companies are constantly confronted with new challenges as a consequence of increasing international networking. The study program "German Studies Russia" conveys the professional skills to prepare our students for these demands and help set them apart from other future job applicants.

Our modern learning concept not only transmits expertise on a high academic level, it also strengthens methodological skills through teaching theoretical and practical knowledge, both of which are indispensable on the international market.

Interactive educational tools like simulations, management games, and group work cultivate creativity and social competence. Additionally, the program is set-up with an interdisciplinary focus and teaches to look beyond one's own specialized academic borders and think cross-disciplinarily.

The program is rounded off with essential expert foreign language skills, practical experience in a German company, as well as regional expertise in a German and European context, which is a huge plus owing to the fact that Germany is still Russia's most important trading partner.

Scholarships are available for outstanding graduates. 


Global Politics Seasonal Schools
The Global Politics Seasonal Schools are short term intensive programs jointly organized by FU Berlin and a partner university abroad. Each school aims at educating advanced students in new approaches to global politics at the beginning of the 21st century.

The curriculum encompasses lectures and interactive seminars by renowned international scholars, a simulation game, a project module that picks up a topic with particular relevance for the private sector, and a rich extracurricular program for getting to know the culture and unique political backdrop of the dynamic cities where the schools take place.

Successful program participants are awarded a joint certificate from FU Berlin and the partner institution abroad.


Graduate School of Global Politics
The Graduate School of Global Politics (GSGP) is a three-year PhD program that offers a combination of academic research and practical experience for dedicated PhD candidates. The program is valuable for those seeking to acquire knowledge and field experience that will prepare them for an outstanding career in research-oriented occupational fields.

The integrated German-Chinese program is a cooperative endeavour between the Freie Universität Berlin and Chinese partner universities; involving doctoral candidates of both universities. The PhD candidates will be supervised by renowned scholars and will spend up to 12 months at the partner university during a research exchange. The structured coursework includes theories of International Relations (IR), methodology in social sciences, as well as course work in research management and communication skills.

Single Courses on Masters Level online
The Center for Global Politics offers a range of online courses, predominantly taught master’s level, which aim at providing professionals and students with non-degree certificates. There are generally five main categories to choose from: addressing policy issues, discovering Eastern Europe, localizing global changes, navigating global flows and understanding the basics of global politics. Not only do the courses offer an insight into topics ranging from energy, migration and law, to media and society, but also develop competencies such as negotiation, project management, and intercultural communication. Book Now!

Global Politics Professional Training
For globally acting companies and (non-) governmental organizations GP Professional Training offers customized qualification and training opportunities for young leaders and project managers.

Reflecting current issues and developments worldwide, Global Politics Professional Training conveys the qualifications that prepare participants for global challenges and train them for an international job.

Offering one day in-house training to two month-distance learning courses, as well as a customized syllabus on demand, the program is designed to be flexible and to meet individual needs.


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